I am an Instructor Trainer on IANTD, i offer you Instructor level training to the highest quality to a wide range of diving environments from cave diving to wreck diving to technical diving.  

     Instructor training with me is scheduled to the Instructor candidates needs with very small classes and individual customer service. I do not offer bulk or quantity training but individual specialized training that makes our Instructor candidates succeed and excel. I choose quality over quantity to make you succeed.

     Wether you are a recreational or experienced diver I have courses and excursions that will fit you goals, experience level, and time.   I am committed to providing the best overhead diving, Technical diving instruction and guiding available.

Advanced Diver Mexico price list are structured in daily US. rate cost that apply for every day of training you do at your training level and include almost everything.


Sport Diver Instructor Levels @ $200usd daily

Openwater Instructor

7-8 days

$ 1400

Nitrox Instructor Crossover

3-4 days

$ 600

Open Water Sidemount Instructor

$ 600

Essentials of Diving Instructor

$ 600

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PRICE LIST Diver Levels

Diver Levels

DIVER Registration including E-Manual

(C-Card + material)

$ 50

DIVER Registration

C-card only / no material included

$ 30

Replacement Diver C-Card

C-Card only

$ 10

Diver Wall Certificate

Certificate only does NOT include reg.

$ 10

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Annual Instructor Membership

new and renewal

$ 250

Instructor Level Registration

per level

$ 125