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Marcia's Teaching Philosophy

Teaching safe cavern and cave diving is my devotion and passion. Safety is my #1 priority. However, the learning experience must be positive, enjoyable and thorough.  My reputation is well known to be relaxed as I truly believe making students comfortable and confident is the "key" to success.  It has proven itself consistently as the vast majority of my students does continue on with their cavern and cave diving.

I am a disciplined and logical teacher, not a salesman.  I create a positive learning environment that makes each day a wonderful experience.  Yelling or belittling my students is not my style.

I do not subscribe to any "my way" cult preaching with equipment and the "right" configuration.  I do not push sales or particular brands of gear.  I choose to use common sense, simplicity, and creating choices to force you to think it out before making decisions. I believe in quality, well-designed equipment that makes diving more efficient, safer and better results.  There are plenty of selections out there that will meet that objective.


Equipment configuration is the "heart and soul" for safe cavern and cave diving. I can help you understand the necessary principles of making your gear work for you as a friend and not frustrate you.

cave diving gear_edited.jpg

I believe experience is the best teacher.  I plan my cave diving training on bottom time and the number of skills we accomplish during the training.  I always way exceed minimum standards required by the training agencies I represent.  I present a structured, methodical set of drills and skills that make each dive session a successful learning environment.  Each dive we perform is based on a thorough think drill.  We have everything discussed and understood before swimming underwater and entering the cavern or cave system.

I am good at praising successful skills, recognizing a safe attitude and understanding each individual's ability.  I know how to improve a student's weaknesses and not tear down their confidence or self-esteem.  Flexibility and patience are my methods to successful teaching and producing safe, competent and skillful cave divers.

Total respect for the environment and implementing all measures in understanding and protecting the fragile Cenote and cave environment is paramount in the learning experience.  Every student needs to be aware of and practice the discipline of appreciating and caring for our fragile world.

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