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Advanced Diver Mexico price list are structured in daily rate cost that apply for every day of training you do at your training level and include almost everything.

I have separate price lists for guided cavern tours, guided cave diving, expenses such as air, Nitrox 32%, oxygen & helium fills plus Co2 absorbent, rental equipment such as side mount, cave gear and double tank rental, DPV and , airport transfer and more. If you like to learn more please send me a email to and i be happy to email you these price lists.

Included in these daily training rates are transport from dive store to and from dive site, any rental tanks, weights.

Not included are Gas, entrance fees, manuals and c-cards we would like you to purchase ahead of time and read before arrival, helium based mixes (ask for separate price list for standard mixes we use), boat fees (varies due to location, we require ocean diving for some programs), DPV rental, lunch and refereshment drinks for training program surface intervals.

Below are some of the diver level training programs I offer. If you are looking for something and it is not listed please send me a email to and I will send you a complete price list.

GUIDING package


Cavern Guiding

1 - 4 divers $185 usd 2 dives same day (equipment rental +$15 usd)

Contact me for Cavern packages

Tour includes: Transportation from Playa del Carmen, Guide, entrance fees, Tanks, weights, Snack and soft drinks.


Cave Guiding

1,2,3,4,divers- 1 Cave dive a day / $150 usd.

1 diver   $300 usd. 2 dives same day or 1 Long stage dive.

2 divers $250 usd. 2 dives same day or 1 Long stage dive.

3 divers $200 usd. 2 dives same day or 1 Long stage dive.

Dives includes transportation from Playa del Carmen, guide, set of doubles tanks or side mount tanks and weights.


Schedule your cave diving day as you like choose between one or two regular tanks dives or a long multi stage dive, depending on your training and experience.

CONTACT ME TO: customize your cavern or cave guiding package!!!


IMPORTANT: Price does not includes gas filling and entrance fees in cave diving guide dives and courses.

Daily training rates above are in U.S. Dollar per day and per person. All prices are subject to change without notice.

Manual prices are between $44.00 usd and $115.00 usd depending on training level.


We would like you to get and read the manual prior of your arrival.

Diver registration fee with training agency is $50.00 usd per diver per level.

DPV Scooter rental $ 50.00 usd per day.

During Adv.DPV course 2nd DPV rental 50% off

16% I.V.A. tax is included in all prices.

List of Cenote entrance fee 

Chac-Mool: 250 $MXN
Chikin-Ha: 250 $MXN
Cristalino: 100 $MXN
Ponderosa:300 $MXN
Minotauro: 300 $MXN
Tajma-Ha: 250 $MXN
Xunaan-Ha: 500 $MXN
Dos Palmas: 100 $MXN
Dos Ojos: 40 $USD 
The Pit: 40 $USD
Pet Cemetery: 500 $MXN
Dreamgate: 300 $MXN

Nohoch: 250 $MXN
Fenomeno: 200 $MXN
White River: 250 $MXN
Casa Cenote: 250 $MXN
Calavera: 250 $MXN
Grand Cenote: 250 $MXN
Carwash: 250 $MXN
Cristal: 200 $MXN
Mayan Blue: 250 $MXN
Angelita: 300 $MXN
Chan-Hol: 300 $MXN
Chiken: 200 $MXN

Dos pisos: 200 $MXN
Nai-tucha: 100 $MXN
Coop 1: 100 $MXN
Otoc-ha: 200 $MXN
Baca-ha: 200 $MXN
Tortuga: 200 $MXN
Caterpillar: 200 $MXN
Mosquito Factory: 200 $MXN
Sagitario: 200 $MXN
Muchachos: 300 $MNX

Cocom: 150 $MXN

Taak-bi-ha: 250 $MXN

String of pearls: 300$MXN

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