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Cave diving training with Advanced Diver Mexico



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Summer Specials 


May / September

Prerequisites: Advanced diver certification.

Course Includes: 8 days of training, transportation, text, Instruction,certification, tanks, weights, entrance fees.

Pirice: $2400 (USD)

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About our Cave Training Course

The complete cave diving course is 7 to 8 days of intense diving and training skills.  It is a more efficient and less costly approach to learn and earn the cave diver training certification. For potential students who are prepared with their diving skills including being master of the BCD and their confidence level is comfortable, there should be no problems with being successful in completing the training. However, you will need to prove your abilities to earn the cave diving certification.

There are various approaches to cave diving training.


  1. For many, divers take the training divided into sections such as the Cavern Diver Course followed by the Introduction to Cave Diving Course.  

  2. Another style is to combine both courses into one that is usually titled Cave Diver

  3. Completing the cave diving training is presented into two parts called Apprentice Cave Diving Course and the Full Cave Diving Course or combined the two courses into four or five days titled Full Cave or Cave Diver II.  

  4. For those divers whose diving skills lack experience or marginal or the confidence level is questionable then acquiring the cave diving training into sections is the best approach.

However, for those divers seeking cave diving training whose skills are competent and the confidence level is comfortable, pursuing the complete training all in one period of time is an acceptable approach.  Instead of traveling back and forth two to four trips, the complete cave diving training course saves time and money.  With today’s shaky economy and high expenses for traveling, the complete cave diving training makes more sense.  The student must be certain that they are prepared with their diving skills and their comfort level.

What's included?



Marcia’s cave diving course includes:

  • Double 80 cubic foot tanks or single 80 cubic foot cylinders for side mount configuration

  • Transportation to dive sites

  • Marcia 15 years of teaching experience as cave diving instructor.

Marcia will be conducting cave dives at the Cenote Jardin del Eden, Chikin-Ha, Tajma-Ha, Car-Wash,  Dive site fees not included.

This complete course involves 12-14 cave dives minimum with at least 600 minutes of bottom time performed over a 7-8 diving day period.  

The safe enjoyment of the underwater cave environment through a base of comprehensive training is my most popular course to teach particularly as most divers travel a long distance to the Riviera Maya.  The students will be participating in at least a minimum twelve hours of lectures/discussion and must demonstrate satisfactory competence and knowledge of all topics and skills presented by Marcia. 


All cave dives will be conducted with exposure to a wide variety of underwater cave conditions such as silt, halocline, silty or low visibility, circuits, traverses, gaps, jumps and T's, siphons, restrictions, referencing, conservation, exploration/surveying techniques and logistics.  Issues discussed will include the fragile cave environment, accident analysis, stress management, psychological aspects, dive planning, air management, guidelines and reels, guideline techniques and protocol, safe procedures, decompression theory and procedures, landowner relations, team management, use of oxygen and controversial topics.


Prices, training level and duration

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