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Why enjoy learning safe cave diving?

Learning safe cavern and cave diving provides a challenge and gives back to you with a complete rewarding accomplishment of the skills and comfort level necessary to do it. In addition, it is fun. It is a joy to see divers learn and understand more about a unique and beautiful underwater environment.

We are IANTD

We are IANTD

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Cave diving has evolved over the past forty years from being the rogue of scuba diving to a highly respected diving activity. The interest and participation have increased dramatically though it remains a very tiny percent of the entire realm of diving. The new"age" of technical diving has allowed cave diving to come forth and offer an entirely new and unique environment for divers to learn and explore. As more and more divers grow with experience, they seek additional knowledge and new challenges to broaden their skills and development as competent and safe divers. Cave diving training has proven and established itself far ahead of all advanced level of dive training.


  • Because of the "overhead environment" and the complexity of the underwater cave, it forces the diver to a higher level of disciplined. The diver must be organized and psychologically comfortable to safely enjoy this pristine world.

  • Minimum 18 cave dives and 1000 minutes of underwater bottom time. No other type of training requires or provides this kind of experience and exposure. Many divers choose to begin their training with the combined cavern and Introduction to cave diving course. It provides a minimum ten dives staying within very conservative limits during a four day period.

  • Cave diving is dictated by judgment. The competent diver must continually think and be aware of his location, equipment and technique to be successful.

  • Skills and techniques measure the difference of those who will do well and the frustration of doing poorly.

  • Cave diving training builds confidence. With so many dives and bottom time required, you can watch yourself improve and grow with competence each day.

  • Cave diving shows awareness. Your ability to know where your equipment is located, your presence in the cave and about yourself.

  • Cave diving is based on "attitude". Your mental outlook towards a goal. You are challenged to be self-sufficient, self-honest and self-disciplined.

  • Common sense. A learned trait that can be developed to a point of reflex behavior.

My 15 years of teaching safe cavern and cave diving and over 500 students certified has provided me with a vast knowledge of different levels of ability, personalities and a keen sense to adjust and be patient with a wide variety of people who desire to seek cave diving training. Though most have succeeded, several have failed as cave diving is not for everyone. You prove you can do it!

Let's get started planning your next adventure, today!

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