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Advanced Diver Mexico's Projects

As a professional diver, I’ve participated in many projects and Development of various short films:

2000 - Cancun Bay Sinking Ship Cañonero C-58

2000 - Cancun Bay Sinking Ship Cañonero C-58

Videographer  & documental.

2002 - Cancun Bay Sinking Ship Cañonero C-55

2002 - Cancun Bay Sinking Ship Cañonero C-55

Videographer  & documental.

Cave diving Mexico

2008 - Utd Project, Line Push  in Cenote The Pit.

2 explorers Andrew Georgitis and Nick Toussaint at 330 ft depth. Push the line in the deepest cave in Quintana Roo,
Shallow support and surface manager.

BBC project tought guy or chiken

2009 - BBC Project Tough Guy or Chicken.

​Five young British men take on the challenge of a lifetime - to spend four months traveling the world, taking on some of the most deadly creatures and hostile places on the planet... safety diver.

Cave diving Mexico

2012 - Exploration Sistema Rudy Sanchez

In 2012 my friend Alex and I we decide to go and check the Cenote in Playa del Secreto, North of Playa del Carmen, this cenote is own by Mexican guy Rudi Sanchez explored for first time in 2003  by Steve Bogaerts and sam Meecham, we add 1000 ft of line extra to the system and I am waiting to Alex come back to go for more...


2015 - BBC Project Fierce with Steve Back shall.

5 different locations presenting bull sharks, saltwater crocs, lobsters, lionfish, rattlesnakes.Safety diver, driver, translator, u/w Camera man, fixer.

Cave diving Mexico

2016 - BBC project Forests of the Maya

On this show the will present different aspects of the Mexico nature, filmed by Mike Madden, I work as safety diver and as diver model, lighting support and driving.

Cave diving Mexico

2017- Exploration Sistema Sagitario

Gracias to all the cave community who participate in the exploration, survey and cartography of the Sistema sagitario, the map is ready and the cave is open, thanks to Fred Devos, David Dusek, Vicente Fito, Martin Gaspar, Osma Gobara, Chris Le Malliot, Sam Meecham, Bruno Espinosa, Rogelio Mier, William Ortega, Gabriel Gasca, Benjamin Beyer, Angelica Chimal Teh, Peter Sprouse, Mathijs Greenen, Nicole Heuer, Larry Keele, Anke Lobel, Alison Perkins, Cameron Russo, Dijana Stupar, Flip Vernooij, Cholo de Villa and Miko Zulueta.


2018 - BBC Project Expeditions  with Steve Backshall.

Steve Backshall explore the Cenotes of the Yucatan Peninsula with  aid of Gillermo de  Anda and Robie Schmittner from Gran acuífero Maya.

Safety diver, UW. Photographer,  UW. light support.


2019 - IANTD Project Inclusion campaign

IANTD wants to change its image for a friendlier one with recreational divers in general and leave aside the part that I already won, which are technical diving and cave diving.

I produced, edited, filmed the first video of the campaign.


2020 - Nat Geo. Scouting for the Show One Strange Rock

8 Days scouting for locations for NG project in the area of Playa del Carmen, Mexico, cenotes, jungle, safety diver, light support, modeling, driving, scouting, logistic, transportation.

Screen Shot 2022-10-05 at 08.42.56.png

2021 - Xunaan-Ha Expeditions with Robie Schmittner

Expedition experience, Project supported by Rolex as part of its perpetual planet initiative.

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