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Explore Mexican Caves and Cenotes with Advanced Diver Mexico (Playa del Carmen)

Cenote tour Private (Cavern Dive)

This December/March

Prerequisites: Open Water Certification



2 dives





Entrance fees

Snack and drinks


Price: $150 (USD)

Equipment rental $15 (USD)

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Cave Diving

Guiding Special 

The guided cave diving service includes: Sidemount and Backmount, Stage Tanks and the use of Diver Propulsion Vehicles (DPV).
The guided cave diving in the area of Playa del Carmen and Tulum provides cave dives with durations of 60 to 80 min with Nitrox 32%, higher mixes are available at cost.
The cave diving guide service includes transportation from Playa del Carmen downtown, professional private cave guide, tanks, and weights.
     Winter Special
  • 1 pax 5 days (10 Cave dives) $1000 usd.
  • 2 pax 5 days (10 Cave dives) $950 usd.
  • 3 pax 5 days (10 Cave dives) $900 usd.
The offer includes: Transportation, guide, tanks, weights, entrance fees.
Contact me to customize your guiding days and personal cave guiding packages.

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More Specials

Combined guided dives

DPV (Cave dive)


Prerequisites: Full cave certification, DPV cave certification.

1 DPV cave dive + 1 cave dive same cenote

Include: Transportation, SUBMERGE DPV, guide, tanks, weights, entrance fees.


$250 USD 

per person



Prerequisites: Advanced diver certification.

Includes: 8 days of training, transportation, text,

Instruction,certification, tanks, weights, entrance fees. 


$2000 USD

per person



Prerequisites: Advanced diver certification.

Includes: 3 days of training, transportation, text, Instruction,certification, tanks, weights, entrance fees. 


$750 USD

per person

What our customers say:

I first tried diving in the cenotes in 2009 while getting a PADI Cavern cert. Since then, having gotten the cave bug, I have gotten Full Cave certified, as well as three or four advanced certs. All certifications from Full on have been with Marcia at Advanced Diver Mexico. He is beyond fantastic, and extremely knowledgeable. In addition, he will make you feel like you are a close friend- while training you to do one of the most dangerous sports in the world. I have been involved with several other instructors in the Yucatan and can say he is the one I asked to train my son, as well as two of my close friends. He will get them trained safely. Give him a try!

Richar Curtin


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Gabriel Gasca Rubi

Owner of ADM, Playa del Carmen >

​Welcome to my world!

In my web page, you will find information on all the courses, guiding I offer as well as information on my latest cave photos and videos.
I live in Playa del Carmen Mexico in the Yucatan Peninsula, home of the best cave diving in the world.  I moved here to follow my passion for cave diving, cave diving photography and my decision to share that passion by making cave diving my profession. 
Whether you are a recreational or experienced diver I have courses and excursions that will fit your goals, experience level, and time.   I am committed to providing the best overhead diving instruction and guiding available.

Explore the Cenotes
Cavern Tour

It is a fun way to experience some overhead diving using normal Open Water SCUBA Equipment.


With your basic Open Water Certification and some experience, you can enjoy diving in crystal clear water passing formations of Stalactites, Stalagmites, and Columns.


If you liked your first Cenote Dive you can continue to explore some other Cenotes like gran Cenote or Dos Ojos and much more. Your Cavern Dives are limited to the entrance of the cave within daylight and limited penetration into the cave this is for your safety. To go beyond the cavern zone you need professional cave diving training.

Price: $150 USD.
Contact me to customize your guiding days and personal cavern tour package.

Photo or video shoot in caves!

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