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Series of photos side mount cave divers Cenote Nai-Tucha, Tux-Kupaxa cave system

As promised them last post the photos coming soon, and he we are, beautiful cave, worth to visit and cave dive in it!!!

Taking photos in a cave is hard work, you have to think on many factors that can to affect the view of your photos or the final result.

On this particular cave dive i add one more flash to the second diver, this occasion we use 4 flashes in total to have more depth of field on the pictures.

One photographer and two cave divers 4 flashes make the difference when you need light in the cave.

This are a series of pictures from the main line in cenote Nai-Tucha, very decorated and white cave, the access to the cenote is very easy but is far away from civilization, and cause the tall jungle there is many mosquitos, but the trip is worth, the cave is stunning.

A always i says if you need or you looking for proper cave diving training please feel free to contact me, training in Mexico is a pleasure shallow caves, crystal clear water, temperature of 27ºC/80ºF.

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