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Cenote Xulo

I had previously visited Xulo, at the first time we did some tests with colored cellophane filters and the penetration inside the cave was minimal, I concentrated on placing the flashes around the cave section, where I wanted to photograph Pablo mi model, friend, student and more so to speak.

You could see that photography session in my blog that is under the name Xulo in colors.

But here I leave you a photo of that day!

The Xulo cenote is 90 km away, about an hour and a quarter from Playa de Carmen, past Tulum and Muyil there is a small sign at the entrance and you do not have to penetrate much in the jungle to reach it only 127m from the highway.

At the entrance there is always somebody to give you indications of the area in the Cenote and of course to charge the entrance $300 pesos.

On this occasion i wanted to see more of the cave so we bring a stage tank with us to extend the penetration in to the cave and on this way got the opportunity to admire the beauty of this place and take amazing pictures.

Xulo was explore by Alvaro Roldan who was my student, I certify it as a cave diver and thanks to him we are able to dive in this amazing cave!!!

Let Pablo lead with two flashes with sensor to distribute the light to the front and get a better perspective of the cave with respect to its size.

I hope you can enjoy this photos and if you are interesting in visit this cave please contact me by email or you can contact me direct to on my site, follow me on my social network Facebook, Instagram, Youtube.

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