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Cenote Dos Palmas

10 year since my last time diving in cenote Dos Palmas, there have not been many changes, remains very natural.

This cenote is located on the same road that takes you to the cenote or park Dos ojos, approximately 2 km from the federal highway it is not easy to miss there is a large sign on the dirt road that indicates the direction.

Cenote Dos Palmas

For some time now I wanted to dive and photograph this cave.

This day we went to dive Joshua, Pablo and I, as usual in this type of photo diving, the one in charge of guiding was Pablo and between him and Joshua they helped me with the lighting.

I gave each one a flash of Nikon with sensor to shoot forward as I was going to be the last would be the perspective on the way in.

On the way out we change the dynamic, i change the flash sensor to the front in Joshua.

I lead the dive to be able to take shots from the faces and have some shiny rays lights on the back.

As alway Pablo did a great job with the flash and the light, we manage to capture greats shots.

That particular day the visibility was not the usual, the water was a bit dirty with sediment that comes from Dos Ojos and that helped to make the flashes behind the divers brighter.

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