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Cenote Taak-Bi-Ha

For some time I had seen the cenote Taak-bi-ha announced on video at FB and I was curious to see the cave that looked imposing and if it really is!!!

Giant and beautiful, the entrance to the water is like no other, transparent blue, which only invites you to enter.

The exact location of the Cenote Taak-bi-ha is on the same road to lead to cenote Dos ojos, pass the entrance of it for 100m and turn left there is a sign at the entrance on the road.

From the parking lot to the entrance of the cavern is about 100m, there is small entrance with a very steep stairs, and on the side there is hole from we download and upload the tanks.

If you want there is a additional service from the crew of the cenote to down load and upload your tanks from the parking lot to the entrance of the cenote and back for $100 pesos per person.

Recently I decided with my Friend and faithful diving partner Bernadette Carrión (Berny) from Stardust diving and my super compa Pablo Bayardo (Pablito) from Overheadiging Mexico that we had the mission of visiting all the new open caves in the area at list once a week, obviously if we don't have to teach cave diving or guide!

As you know this region is full of expert explorers, who with their constant work and effort, explore and open new places for those who love the sport of diving in caves.

Taak-bi-ha offers you the opportunity to snorkel (entrance fees $400 pesos) Cavern dive and cave dive (entrance fees $250 pesos).

Since this was our first time in this cave i decide to contact my friend Luis Leal (From Cenote Republic) which has its store at the entrance of the cenote Dos Ojos to ask from some references and he gave us the dive plan to follow.

Take the line on the right at the entrance (cavern line), jump from the first arrow on the cavern line to the to the right and in the back of the STOP sign is the main line, follow that line until you find a jump from the blue arrow and go to the left, connect to the middle of the line and take to the right!

Perfect!!! we have a dive...

Berny was leading and in charge along with Pablo for the lightning with the flashes, me on the other side in charge off the camera and to find the best angle!

This cave is white with lost of formations and big passages, excellent for a long stage cave dives, shallow depths (average of 6m-19ft) and great visibility. Massive rooms that allow to see big formations.

On the way in I stay at the back of the team to be able to capture the beauty and the splendor of the cave, i manage to capture great shots along with aid of my fellow divers.

Once we turn around the dive the plan was to keep Berny at the back pointing the flash to the front and in the back of Pablo to get a nice shinny rays of light, like glow!!!

And bummm.... i got amazing shots of Pablo, i am glad we decide to do this on the dive!

All i got to say about this cave, is worth to visit and enjoy!!!

A good cave instructor always has to be updated with the caves in his locality and for that and many more reasons in ADM we remain active all year visiting and exploring new caves.

If you are interested in cave diving and you have the concern of taking the IANTD Ful cave course, do not hesitate to contact me, if you are already a cave diver and you are interested in guided diving or in learning the art of taking spectacular photographs I can also help you and if you are interested in a good photo session in the cenotes , contact me to provide all the necessary information.

Thank you!

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