Questions frequently asked



1. How much experience do you need before taking cave diving training?

2. What SCUBA equipment do I need to bring for my training?

​3. Do I bring a wetsuit or a drysuit?​

4. Should I break up my training into sections or modules or take the complete training all at once?​

5. How do I enter Mexico, go through customs and get to Playa del Carmen?

6. What training agencies do I represent?

1. How much experience do you need before taking cave diving training?

​A: The IANTD Standards requires a minimum 50 logged open water dives with a minimum advanced open water certification. Personally, I recommend that anyone interested in cave diving training have a minimum 100 logged

scuba dives and some type of training beyond open water certification.

In addition, any experience using double tanks makes a big positive difference in the comfort and performance in participating in a cave diving training course.

Usually, it depends on the individual in how well they perform in the cave diving training. Most of my students have advanced and/or technical diving training and many are open water instructors.

I always suggest that you take the IANTD Essentials or GUE Fundamentals course before your cave course this makes the difference between completing the program and not completing it.

2. What SCUBA equipment do I need to bring for my training?

​A: Please bring the following personal equipment: Fins Mask Computer(s) Wetsuit/Drysuit Booties Hood Slate/Wetbook Deco Tables 2 Small Lights 2 First Stages* (DIN) 2 Second Stages Pressure Gauge 4 Stainless Bolt Clips Small Knife or Cutting Tool Watch Depth Gauge NOTE: We use double Aluminum 80 cubic foot tanks with a dual outlet manifold system with DIN connections. *If you do not have two first stages, I can provide one of them.

If you have or choose to obtain or purchase your own cave diving specialty equipment, I say "great!" as using your own personal equipment is beneficial. All the manufacturers and/or distributors offer quality equipment, and some of their items may be less inferior to others. Dive Rite, GOLEM, Halcyon, OMS, X deep, ScubaPro, Sartek, Oceanic, Oxychek, etc., offer a variety of styles, materials, colors, and philosophies with their equipment presentations.

Be sure you are familiar and understand the differences of the brands available. If you need advice or suggestions, my job is to help you, not fool you.

If you are not sure what you wish to obtain, I can provide the specialty cave equipment you will need for your cave diving training. They are:

  • 7 foot/2.3 meter low-pressure hose for your primary regulator.

  • Safety reel/spool.

  • Directional arrows, non-directional markers, and clothes pins.

  • Primary reel.

  • Jump/gap reels.

  • If Side Mount configuration; I provide the X DEEP, Z-SISTEM UTD.

  • Wings Back Mount BCD.*

  • Stainless Steel back plate.

  • Primary light – Most cave divers are now using 1000 – 4000 lumens LED lights.​