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3 week ago i was hire to do a photo session for a free diver girl from China, her name was Yang Yang , this time was not a regular job in the caves as usual, she got my contact from a other friend in Tulum.

My friend call me and told me about this Diva free diver girl, this is how she describe Yang Yang, to make long the story i contact her the same morning my friend contact me and we arrange a photo shot session in Casa Cenote, before that!!! we exchange a few whats apps, and she send me some of the pictures with references of what she wants to do, so i told her yes i can take or make this photos.

She went on the dive site the day before with their group of people from China, the problem she told me it was so many people for one photographer and she want to have at list a few good shot of the place with her in it! Also told me the was so many sediment in the pictures a cause of the group.

For my surprise when i meet her at the lobby of the hotel, she was dress in gold bikini, high heels, black silk bathrobe, big black sun glasses like jacky kennedy and her mother in sport pants, ja!

Very nice people and very friendly, like alway the language is a wall but we manage to communicate in English.

Any way the photo session work really good, she was very good free diver and also she loves to pose, so for me that day of work bring more experience and a great satisfaction to have a happy client.

We try 3 different locations for this photos, Casa-cenote, Car-wash, Xunan-ha, she try 3 different color in the bikinis golden, black and red, you will see in the photos the best color for me was the red one just because the contrast.

I hopee you enjoy the photos as i did making it!

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