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Cenote JailHouse

Today we visit Cenote jailhouse is 2.3km from Tulum town, this cave is definitely one of the best dives ever in Mexico Caves, in first place you have the muddy entrance which is very particular compare with others cenotes entrances, then you have the sense of dive in two different caves, the shallow area is black tannic and small passages where you can find on the way scientific experimentes in progress and a big reduction of light a cause of the black color, then you get to the deep area where the salt water passages are, and is like you arrive to a different world with a white rock and a intense blue color cause of the salinity, the Yaxbe passage is definitely worth to visit.

As always i say the illumination and shadows of the pictures are dam a challenge, with so many beautiful perspectives, is hard to show to the public the real sense of the cave, so you can appreciate on the photo the dimension and the size of passages, my goal!!!! is to create a impact in you! and make you come and learn the Art of caving and cave diving photography.

There is more than one way to get in to Yaxbe passage, the easy and short way is, in the entrance you are going yo take in the first *T* to your left, after two minutes you will see a white arrow, on your right side there is two lines one is a bit high the the other, you have to connect to that one, is easy to find! then at the end of that line you need to connect to a middle of the other line that will be just in front of you, and then take to your right and thats Yaxbe passage, hope you enjoy the pictures and hope you visit Mexico and cave diver with me!

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