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Cenote String of Pearls

Had a fantastic dive at "String of Pearls" today with Alberto Salvini and Fulvio Tiraboschi.

The reason we visit and dive on this cave was because i read on Facebook the description of Steve Bogaerts literally the next words:

"The cave begins with a series of shallow highly decorated orange / black tannic rooms before descending to large decorated white passages at a depth of 12-15m 40-50ft.As always we had a great time as a team and friends, i manage to take a few good pictures in the surface and under water.It's a really interesting cave, highly decorated with lots of variation in both passage type and speleothems.Lots of helictites, soda straws, cave popcorn, dog tooth spar and calcite rafting.

Harry Gust began exploring this cave system near Playa Del Carmen in 2006 but shortly after the landowner denied further access. Harry has managed to regain access recently and this cave system is now open for guided diving.

Exploration of the cave is ongoing"

In the description of Steve i knew was i good place to take photos.

Alberto was our leader, he knew the place because Harry Gust invited him to visit the cave in the past.

This was a stage dive, and we take 40cf tank with 50% O2, just in case we get some deco.

The dive was 96 min. average depth of 35 ft.

In the photos you can see the wise words of Steve describing the cave.

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