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Cenote Coop 1

Coop 1 is a cenote part of the Tux-ku-Paxa cave system, in the same road to Nai-Tucha cenote, you can get the key at Zero Gravity, the entrance fees is $100 pesos.

The road to Coop 1 is very rocky and is in the middle of the jungle.

The ride is about 30 min. from the high way, in the cenote entrance you can appreciate the made much bigger with a bulldozer, the dive is worth it!

The average depth is about 28ft, is full of formations, cause is far from the city expect many mosquitos.

The dive was about 120 min. bottom time, as alway a carry my camera with me and on this occasion i dive with my very good friend Alberto Salvini from Pluto diving.

I got the chance to take a few good pictures i was not inspired to be honest, but i enjoy as always the dive and the companionship, is alway a pleasure to dive with professionals.

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