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Today as always is a good day to cave dive in Mexico, and I take my camera with me and 4 strobes, two for my camera and other 2 strobes with slave sensor to place in the cave and provide me more field of depth. My friend and colleague Pablo help me modeling for the camera, we did not penetrate too much into the cave, it was not necessary to go far from the entrance, this cave is super decorated from the beginning to the end and with different scenarios. I been in this cave many times and always a pleasure to come back. We find another group of cave divers before we enter the cave, so at the end, the cave was for our selfs. In the photos i take today y use raw format to make the edition better at the end. My camera is a Nikon D7100 with a wide angle lens Tokina 10-17mm, the picture was taken at 1/100, F9, ISO 400. I use Lightroom for edition and Photoshop. If you like what you see and you want to be in one of next pictures in the caves of Mexico, don't take to long and contact me!!! The best way to learn the Art of cave diving is with experience cave Instructor that no just teach also explore and spend time cave diving!

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