You like what you see... - Te gusta lo que ves...


On this occasion, the project I had in mind was to make a short film in which I could present myself and represent something of what we do in Advanced Diver Mexico.

It all started with making a promosion similar to the one I saw in 1999 on tv. and he helped me make the decision and certify me in cave diving in the year 2000.

I go back to the year 1999 and I tell you, that one night in the room of my apartment in the city of Cancun relaxed after an arduous day of work, watching television, I saw a short film that opened my mind completely.

Everything went black on television. and a corner of the screen on the right side began to shine a light and start to illuminate everything on the tv, seconds later when the screen is fully illuminated and the view is accustomed to what you are seeing and the brain receives the signal, analyzes it, takes a few seconds in which I realize that it is a cave, at that precise moment, I notice the movement of a diver with many tanks, lamps and a scooter, which as it advances illuminates the path of the cave that is diving and leaving a black path behind in the dark.

The clarity of the water and the rock formations and just knowing that you could dive in a place like that!!! captivated me!

And I could only appreciate a few seconds, because as in a quick camera in my head just to see it., I could not believe what I was looking at.

Once the divers crossed in front of the screen, everything went black again and an advertisement for Expo de Lisboa appeared.

Actually, I did not know where this place was.

That scene was what made me clear what I wanted to do.

The next day, at work, a dive shop where I used to work as a photographer and underwater videographer, I told my colleagues what I had seen the previous night and that I wanted to go to Lisbon to dive this place, when one of my friends said that I did not have to go far, that they were in the cenotes ...

When I answered that I did not imagine that the cenotes were caves, I know the cenotes since 1986.

In January 2018, I spoke with my friend Pablo about my idea and if he wanted to help me do it, he told me with great encouragement that he would like to participate.

What followed and what we did that day was completely improvised, everything changed when we arrived at the place where I had planned to make the short film.

I had planned to shoot at the Nai-Tucha cenote, which is usually very quiet, but that day I was surprised, because there were at least 6 trucks full of cave divers.

So we decided to move to cenote Coop one that is not far from where we had planned in the first place.

We started to prepare the equipment tanks and scooters and to lower them to the entrance of the cenote and leave them in a safe place.

Go back through the camera to mount it in the place where everything was going to happen.

It is a very heavy task, prepare, load, lower, accommodate, focus, take care that the sediment does not move too much, it is very entertaining to do it and you learn a lot during and after.

Not to extend the story, not everything went as planned since there were many complications since completely changing the place.

One of the scooters of mine! Failure with regard to buoyancy, recently change the batteries and the pairs do not have the same weight which identifies that same day already in the water. It was very positive, which made diving very difficult.

We managed to capture something, but we are not 100% satisfied with the result with respect to underwater.

The part where I talk about ADM cost me a lot of time and many shots, usually I do not usually stand in front of a camera and memorize a dialogue, so we laugh a lot, besides, for the first time I recorded the audio separately and that It was what I liked the most and I learned it on that particular day.

These personal projects leave many rewards, such as spending time sharing nature with a friend, the certainty of feeling alive to appreciate what we have, breathing fresh air and knowing that what one does will probably help another take the step to dive and discover the diving in caves.

2 year ago i had the opportunity to met personally and work in a BBC productions (Mayas of the Forest) with the person that open my mind in the year 1999, his name is Mike Madden, and he is the person that film and produce the short film for the diving expo Lisboa in 2000.

When i tell Mike that the film he make back in 2000, was the motive for me to became a cave diver, he's words was, now I am 100% certain that my work had an impact on at least one person.