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Cave diving with my friend Cliff Atkinson

I just spent a week diving in caves guiding a good friend from New Mexico, USA, Mr. Cliff Atkinson.

Cliff is a very interesting person, he is a lawyer and adventurer at the same time, who travels around the world with guides like me but in different disciplines, it is always a joy when it comes because we do not only talk about diving but many topics in general of life and especially of their trips.

In the mornings we dive in caves and at night we celebrate our friendship in different restaurants and bars of Playa del Carmen.

Some will say that this is life and in fact that is life and that is how it should be to do what you like and enjoy the moments with the people you love the most.

To make up for Cliff's friendship on the last day of the guide, I took some pictures at the Cenote Othoc-ha and it turned out to be a very good model for my camera.

If you are looking for cave diving training or cave diving guiding in Mexico or any dicing course feel free to contact me at:


Don't miss the opportunity to see this amazing world underground.

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